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AVANT Life Essencials was born in the midst of a global pandemic that introduced the world to the “New Normal”, a new way of living. This pandemic dramatically changed the way we interact with people, the way we work, and do business. It limits the gathering of people, in schools, churches, malls, theaters, public markets, hospitals, and clinics.

Children and the elderly are confined to homes. Sadly, it curtails our freedom of movement. Many experts say that this will lead not only to physical health concerns but as well as to emotional and mental issues.

This brought us to think of better ways to live our lives simpler, healthier, and happier.

To be able to adapt and thrive in this “New Normal” we need to create new channels to offer better products and services that fulfill our needs and wants without sacrificing safety and wellness.

Thus, AVANT Life Essencials was founded, with the primary purpose of offering high-quality products to satisfy our life’s basic necessities utilizing the power of e-commerce platform.

AVANT Life Essencials was born out of necessity. Our life’s essential needs and wants that bring happiness and joy should not be hampered, there’s a better way. Make it happen through AVANT Life Essencials.


A global brand and leader in customer-focused e-commerce platform that promotes positive wellbeing by offering quality essentials products and services.


We are obsessed  to deliver high quality products and exceptional customer delight. 

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